Privacy Policy

1.Fundamental Policy

MOR Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “our company”) recognizes that it is an important responsibility for those who engage in our company to run the business, and handles personal information accurately and safely.

2.Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations

The Company shall comply with the applicable laws to the protection of personal information (referred to as the “Personal Information Protection Act”), the guidelines and the personal information protection policy.

3.Handling of personal information

(1)Purpose of personal information usage

We will not use any personal information which is obtained, except for the usage purpose in the appropriate handling within the scope of the usage purpose.

(2)Personal information management

The company recognizes the risk of unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, alteration, leaking and prevents as well as rectifies those risks. Access to personal information is minimum limited under the executive define. When the process of handling personal information in outsourcing is occured, we specify a subcontract as a condition which ensures the personal information is secured. We will also provide necessary and appropriate supervision of the consignment.

(3) Disclosure of Personal Information

Our company respects the rights of person which concernced with information. When there is a request to disclose, modify or dispose information, the rational processes must be with it.

4. Training – Orientation

All staff are required to participate in orientation regarding the non-disclosure and the appropriate practice of personal information handling.

5.Complaint Response and Consultation

When there is a complaint or consultation concerned with the handling of personal information, we promptly investigate the insights of the content and respond with sincerity within a reasonable time.

6. Improvement of personal information protection management system

Our company will continuously improve the management system, including policies, audits, and revisions for the protection of personal information held in accordance with changes in social conditions. CEO Vu Van Tu – Contact us for personal information > for inquiries regarding this privacy policy, please refer to the following. Personal Information Protection Contact In addition, inquiries about the personal information of customers provided through the recruitment activities are accepted by the above email address or general office (+81-3-5924-6616).

Date of issue February 1st, 2017